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Parents’ attitudes at games reflect on student section

Parents’ attitudes at games reflect on student section

Attending Portage High School sporting events seems to be the only way to spend a Friday night. It is crucial that we support our athletes; however, students do not cheer too loud because all eyes will be on then. I just find it amusing that there is so much focus on the student section during the game that the poor behavior of the adults is over looked.

Parents often act juvenile at athletic events, yelling at the officials and cursing at the athletes. This behavior has been around forever, and this is what the students have grown up with. Anyone who wanted to argue this could simply attend a basketball game, wrestling meet or football game and focus on the adults as opposed to the students. They will be certain to find adults acting like children and being rude to children the same age as their own.

“The parents should just be worrying about their own athlete, the game is becoming too much about the parents,” senior, basketball, soccer and tennis player Carly Bermes said.

Adults at athletic events can be hurtful and rude to athletes at the game, I find this confusing considering their child is also participating in the sport. If they do not want people acting childish towards their children, then why would they scream and yell at other athletes? The biggest problem adults have is respecting the officials. I find it funny how every parent in the bleachers feel as though they are IHSAA certified and believe that they are in charge of calling the game.

“It’s no wonder why the students act the way they do, just look at the parents and their behavior,” junior volleyball and tennis player Kacie McGuire said.

I understand that the students section can get very disrespectful, but how can you expect the students to behave if the adults cannot behave either. The adults are supposed to be the example for the students, and that is exactly what they are; just not very good ones.

Story By: Rachel Santos, Editor-in-Chief


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